The Roseland Community Organization has developed a sponsorship plan to achieve a higher level of funding for our non-profit organization. Local companies clearly generate strong revenues by providing higher-end services to both the families and the properties of Roseland. Based on the brochures we receive daily in our mail boxes, we know that Roseland is a key target market for a wide variety of businesses.

The sponsors and advertisers on this page have "stepped up to the plate" to generously support the Roseland Community Organization, and now, we encourage you to support these businesses.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or advertiser please contact us.

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Founding Sponsors

Don Baxter

Richard Burgess

Diane Gaudaur


Lynda Hutchison

Thomas Larsen

Advertisers and Supporters

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Friends of Roseland


Rev. Michael Brooks
Port Nelson United Church



Even those who are not residents of Roseland can add their support.

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